Les revers de l'invocation de démons

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Les revers de l'invocation de démons

Message par Melech le Lun 18 Avr - 12:55

Mechalith a écrit:

BrilliantRain a écrit:Part of the intended balance of summoning is supposed to be the alien nature of the spirits. Summoning a Battlegroup of Blood Apes is a bit like having a bloodthirsty mercenary army: you know that they're going to flip out and wreck stuff if you don't keep them amused with constant battle, so you have to keep sending them off to fight things. Plus, you're the only one they'll unquestioningly obey, so deligating your authority can be tricky and you may end up with some dead lieutenants.

I think the danger with demonic delegation is less that they won't obey, (after all, you told them to follow the lieutenant's directions) and more that the minion you delegated to may not be as up on Demon Psych 101 as you are. The Blood Apes in question, for example, will happily follow the order to attack the home of your foe... they just won't be all that discriminating about it, and will possibly eat some of the bystanders unless they're specifically directed not to. Also, their idea of bodyguard duty is probably a bit like not wanting to share their punching bag with anyone else.

Of course, this also contributes to the fearsome reputation of the average sorcerer. Peasant McMortalstein has no idea that the Eurymanthus that just ripped someone's head off and ate it is doing his best to follow the directions he was given to 'minimize unnecessary casualties' and so he's just slaughtering anyone between the door and the target, all he knows is that a 10 foot tall spiky gorilla monster covered in blood just materialized from nowhere and mudered the shit out of a half dozen people, and the sorcerer doesn't look the least bit concerned. Watching some hopping puppeteers construct a tower from cube shaped bricks with seven sides at the command of some random dude is all the more horrifying if you don't know that the eyebleed inducing anti-Euclidean nature of the architecture is just a side effect of their nature and not something he explicitly told them to do. (Doubtlessly for some nightmarish purpose best left unconsidered.)

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